"Alone, Leave Me" is a song by American rock band Seymour Butts. The song was first released on their 2018 album Infinity War.

In July 2018, Pink Hat Records labelmates New Threads covered the song as the lead single for their 2019 LP Felonious Wilma. The song was featured in a large number of playlists and radio stations, and was New Threads' most successful single to date.

Post-Success and Music Video Edit

After the song became a hit single for the band, New Threads continued to promote their new album. However, following the departure of bassist Eric Chalifour, New Threads released a music video depicting the band longboarding down a parking garage while playing their instruments. The video was filmed by original bassist Robby Angelotti, with Angelotti driving The Echo down the garage with a camera ratchet strapped to the back. This is where the band met video collaborator Miguel Najera.

Seymour Butts Backlash Edit

In July 2019, exactly a year after New Threads' viral cover of the tune, Seymour Butts updated their Spotify biography with a vengeance against New Threads. The bio reads as follows:

Following the cover by new threads, things became dim for us. They had taken all of our light- all of our soul- and crushed it. They built an empire off of it- and destroyed our futures in the process. Now, we are in a time of infinite darkness. The war is over. We were forced into hiding in order to preserve our legacy. But do not lose hope. When the world calls, we will answer. We will prevail. new threads will not rule forever. When the time is upon us, a new king shall rise.
New Threads has not responded.

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