Seymour Butts is the debut album by American punk duo Seymour Butts. It was released on December 2, 2016 via Mesa Dog Records.

History and Recording Edit

In September 2016, Jacob Keplinger and Justin Siegel created Seymour Butts for an unheard acoustic EP under the same name. The EP didn't do anything, but it wasn't until November that they decided to work together on an album.

The album was written and recorded over the course of two days in November 2016 in Jacob's dorm room, with Siegel on bass and Keplinger singing and on guitar. They finished the album's mixes in under a week, and started to release it.

Release & formation of New Threads Edit

The album had three singles prior to release: "God's Not Real, But My Student Loans Are," "From A Distance, She's Not That Bad," and "Give It A Day." The album released in full on December 2nd and was popular amongst the dormmates and peers at MTSU.

The success led to the idea of creating a new band and taking it more seriously, and Keplinger and Siegel did just that with New Threads.

Track Listing Edit

  1. From A Distance, She's Not That Bad - Keplinger, Siegel
  2. God's Not Real, But My Student Loans Are - Keplinger, Siegel
  3. The Good Times Are Killing Me - Keplinger
  4. Hey Kid, You're A Star - Keplinger, Siegel
  5. I Don't Hate You, But It's Pretty Close - Keplinger, Siegel
  6. Kathy - Keplinger, Siegel
  7. Give It A Day - Keplinger
  8. I Fell In Love - Keplinger
  9. When I Get Paid - Keplinger
  10. Hungover (But I Don't Drink) - Keplinger, Siegel

Trivia Edit

  • "Hungover" was the first song Keplinger and Siegel ever wrote together. It was started before they even met, via GroupMe.
  • "Kathy" is about a real-life cashier at the CyberCafe at MTSU.
  • "When I Get Paid" was also a hidden track on Maple Cap's second album.
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